Armani Classic Watch : Citizen Watches Discounted.


Armani Classic Watch : Citizen Watches Discounted.

Armani Classic Watch

armani classic watch

Outside Fenway Park

Outside Fenway Park

John, myself, and Cara waiting outside the stadium in front of some unusually tall people. Yes, that's my new Armani Exchange hat. No, I can't believe John is wearing a Dartmouth hat.

My trip to Boston was fantastic even though it began with a red eye flight and virtually no sleep. I got to hang out with Gilganeshman, his cool lady friend, Kelleher, and big Putt. John took me around Harvard Square, Brookline, and a bunch of breweries. I had no idea how fancy beer was in Boston. They take it seriously. I didn't see any Bud Lights.

I was also impressed by the pervasive Jewish culture in Brookline. After lunch at Zaftigs, a Jewish deli, we walked over to a bakery where I had a delicious hamantaschen.

John somehow became an amazing chef in the past few years. Briscuit, frittatas, etc.

I forced John and Cara to watch Jersey Shore. I hope they forgive me so I can return on a future vacation.

Funny story:
When the guy next to me on the plane sat down he asked if I lived in Boston. I said I was going there for a vacation. He laughed since vacation usually doesn't include extreme cold.

Note: This picture was not taken with my camera.

Emporio Armani Watch

Emporio Armani Watch

Been looking around for a watch with classic design, Roman numbers, dark brown leather straps and non-black face. This is perfect. Thank you Roy.

armani classic watch

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