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Watch Breaking Bad Season 1 Episode 3

watch breaking bad season 1 episode 3



(for those who I still owe stuff- read the last paragraph.)

I've been watching a lot of Lost lately. I refused to watch it up until now- I thought it looked stupid, and I never seem to like the 'big' TV shows...but I finally gave in and decided to see what the hype was about.

Now that I've tried it I'm completely addicted. Right from the start I took an interest in Charlie Pace's character (thus the tape on my fingers- a trademark of his) His entire story line is absolutely beautiful, and even though I really dislike John Locke, the interaction between the two in Season 1's "The Moth" was what really made me solidly love Charlie & officially become invested in him as a character. While I despise the fact that he died, it was kind of perfect. I completely bawled my way through the whole ordeal, but I think more out of finding a bit of resolution, than actually being sad.

Anywho...I've only got 3 episodes left to watch (...and I just started watching like 6 days ago haha!), and I plan on going back through it again...only next time, i'm taking notes. It sounds silly, but there have been SO many things that Lost has made me think about, but when I'm watching the episodes back to back to back, I don't stop and really think through it or let it all play I really want to go back and recapture all the things it stirred up.

I imagine there will be many more Lost (& Charlie in particular!) photos to come. I've completely fallen in love with the show, and it might actually be over-taking ER as my all time favorite (...which, if you know me, you would know that ER has been untouchable in my book for 15 years...haha's big stuff!) I'm quite invested in ER because it's like family..but Lost...Lost is beautifully deep, and there's SO much there on so many different levels...and that's just not the type of show that ER is. They're quite different.

I don't think the character development is as strong in Lost as it is in ER, but I think part of that may be because Lost is set over a much shorter period of time. I've only seen 100-some days of the Lost characters (and then the flash backs/flash forwards, of course), whereas with ER, you see YEARS of growth and change. that I think about it, that might not really be a fair critique. The character stories are amazing, and absolutely top notch, but as for development and progression...I can't really hold that against the writers...yet. Future seasons shall tell, I suppose.

I've got some lame puppy photos to upload- Charlie graduated puppy school. I've got a LOT of stuff I need to do this week, in an 'online' sense- lots of photo stuff. So yes...I will do that this week....I just don't want to actually think about anything right now...I've been up for nearly 24hrs now and am feeling quite sick...(and I still have another 6hrs to go- bleh!)

Anywho- I owe a lot of people a lot of stuff- and that will happen tomorrow. promise. for those I've been out of contact with, I apologize. Bad sleep schedules leave me feeling incredibly sick, and I suck with communication then haha. But yes...breaking the "flickr has been laying dormant for a week" cycle with this for now, and more shall come tomorrow.

Camera Truck on BREAKING BAD

Camera Truck on BREAKING BAD

This is my latest ride--a 1989 Ford CL9000 for Sony Pictures. This truck carries all the camera and sound equipment to film location. It is always close to the set. We just finished filming the second season of a TV series called Breaking Bad which will start airing in March 2009 on the AMC channel. It is being filmed entirely around the Albuquerque,NM area. Sure is different than running over the road.

watch breaking bad season 1 episode 3

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